Three Easy Steps to Success.
Help your Child Today and have them get started Learning Karate.
Try it, Discuss it, Commit to it.

We offer a No Risk - No Obligation-Trial Opportunity.
Don't Have your Child Miss Out on what will be the best most
enriching, empowering experience of their life!
We will teach your child how to handle Bullying and Much More!!

Guaranteed having your child training with us will enhance their 
understanding of Respect, Courtesy, Self-Discipline, 
Improved Respect for Parents, Motivation to Excel,
Focus for better Academic excellence as well as Sports Achievements. 
Many of our students go on to be the Team Captain 
and/ or the Class President
while maintaining an "A" Average at school and Earning a BLACK BELT!

Make sure your child has everything they need to go to school.
We help you by improving their Focus for better grades and the 
Mental, Physical, Philosophical Skills to handle "Bullies" any 
challenges or difficult situations. Additionally your child will
develop the Skill of rock solid Confidence.
Courage is taught along with Self-Esteem, Self Control, Compassion,
Better Effort and as always for over Thirty Years, 
We have taught children to have the 
Confidence to Say: "NO" to Unhealthy Peer Pressure. 

Your Child will learn to HANDLE BULLIES and BULLYING  BEHAVIOR.
With better mental strategies and if needed self-defense skills.

We teach the only the best parts of Mixed Martial Arts 
and Karate in an age appropriate manner, in a Fun,
 Positive Kids Friendly Environment. 

Kids Love learning the best of  Karate, Kicks of Tae Kwon Do, 
Traditional Karate, American Karate, AUUSOMA, Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu, 
Tai Chi, Aikido and good old fashioned as well as effective American Boxing.  
They will learn great self control and sportsmanship, 
you just have to give them time to learn and grow,
we are happy to do the rest. Simple: Karate Kids Love, works!

Make the Time and invest in Your Child's Better Future 
Through Martial Arts Training with a Proven Champion,
World Champion Grandmaster 10th Degree Black Belt
Kevin Sullivan is waiting to serve you and your family right now. 
This will be the best decision you will ever make for your child by
having them start training now.

For Immediate Martial Arts and Karate information 
Call now 860-584-1334 Speak with Kevin

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In AUUSOMA Karate, Every Child Wins!
Every kid can be a winner - instead of a bench sitter -
 because Karate allows children to reach for their own potential
 rather than directly competing against other kids.  They will Learn
to enjoy Healthy Competition.

Our programs: START AT AGE Two and a Half when possible. Most children need to be Three Years Old.
 We give you an Evaluation to see when your child will be ready for training.

Tiny Tigers - Ages 2½ – 5 yrs. — Preschool 
Class focuses on teaching SOCIAL skills through basic martial arts techniques.
 During this class, children gain motor-skill development and 
a sense of confidence within our playful and positive class format that retains 
the disciplined highly structured format of Traditional Progressive AmeriAsian
Martial Arts you would expect.

Little Emperors/Emperores' Ages 5 – 7 yrs. — Kindergarten + First Grade 
2 classes per week (or 2 for 1 class) This is the prep class for the Dragons. Students continue with Life-Skills training combined with more technique work to get them ready for the Dragons program. Formal Belt Tests.
We have the children combined in class of varying ages to help with developing role model and leadership skills.

Little Dragons - and Kids Classes Ages 7-13 yrs. –
 2nd Grade and Up 2 classes per week (or 2 for 1 class) 
Students learn leadership skills and martial arts technique as tools
 for physical and mental discipline. Students graduate through 13 belt ranks 
as they earn their way to junior black belt. 
With  Rewarding Formal Belt Tests. 

Kids Basic Karate 2 classes per week 
 Auusoma Karate and self-defense for beginner. 
Included in the program: essential warm up and stretching exercises; 
stance and balance instruction; how to effectively perform proper punches, 
kicks and strikes; defend and counter moves as well as
 how to use them against an attacker. 
All children learn when Not to use Karate Skills and the appropriate time
to protect themselves.

Parents: Don't let your child waste precious after-school time surfing 
the net or hanging out. Instead, keep them learning and growing with
 our special martial arts program for kids.

At our school, we help children to develop key areas such as
 listening skills, goal setting, leadership, and confidence. 
Plus, our instructors are experts at making all kids feel like champions 
in a safe, fun, and challenging classroom environment.

Martial arts classes at our school are how you can help your child
 make the most of their daily after-school time. 
There are two amazing benefits from our after school martial arts program.
 The first one is that our martial arts program will develop and enhance:

Improved Grades
Healthy Outlook towards Parents and Life
Focus & Respect
Balance & Coordination
Physical Fitness

Your child's grades will improve, their attention span and focus in the classroom
 will increase and their self esteem and confidence will go through the roof. 
You will notice an improvement in all these areas in a few short weeks.

Make sure that your child is doing something productive after school. 
Would you rather have them at home watching television, playing video games 
and becoming a couch potato or educated and trained by us and improving their lives? 

Call us today!
                We offer you the Best 100% Guarantee in 
                         Martial Arts anywhere.

 If after signing your child up for classes and after taking a few classes
talking it over with the teacher
you are not happy and feel it is not the right fit for you child, 
simply let us know and we will gladly refund your Money.

That way you will have the  money from the refund 
that we know you can spend on your child,
 having them do something else.

But Chances are you Will LOVE it here and
 see how the value of our classes teaches your child so much 
that the value you will receive far outweigh the price of tuition. 

Your Child will LOVE it here more than You!

In any case you can rest easy because -- 
you can try it without any Risk whatsoever. 


Meet World Champion, Tenth Degree Black Belt, Four Time Hall of Fame Inductee and Grandmaster Kevin Barry Sullivan founder of America’s Ultimate Universal System of Martial Arts - AUUSOMA

Having taught martial arts for the past 35 years, Grandmaster Sullivan

has seen many changes in people and the industry.

Perpetual refinement and improvement of the Martial Arts and the individual artist should be the goal of any martial arts underlying philosophy.

Grandmaster Sullivan has always enjoyed and proud of maintaining excellent relationships with all of his past teachers, many of whom are recognized as the greatest teachers in the world during the 20th century – all with mutual good will and support for each other. To include these giants of the martial arts is a privilege, they include: Edmund K. Parker, Greg Silva, Remy Presas, Wally Jay, Buzz Durkin, Steve Sohn, Bill " SuperFoot" Wallace, Chuck Norris, Steve "Nasty Anderson, Dan Magnus, Benny " The Jet" Urquidez, Billy " Tae Bo" Blanks, Rocky Dirico, Tokyo Joe, Frank Corbo, Frank Shamrock, Master Pan, Jeff Tucker, Ernie Reyes Sr., Herb Perez, Judo Gene Lebell, Joe Palanzo, Lance Clayton, James Baran, Dennis Malloy, Walter Rowe, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, Dan Anderson, Paul Webb, Jean Frenette, Steve Lavallee, John Stellingwerf, Mr. Alan Wheeler, and many more.

Many times Grandmaster Sullivan had the privilege to of studying with these greats in classes from morning to night one or in special private classes.

Working directly with all of these Grandmasters, Masters and other World Champions created a fantastic journey in life with many lessons learned.

One of the most important lessons was that none of us can use a technique to escape “ Father Time” or bad health. Having watched many of his teachers grow old and become disabled or die, falling from the statue of incredible physical prowess, has become a tremendous revelation for Sullivan eventually leading him to the founding of America’s Ultimate Universal System of Martial Arts (AUUSOMA).

The fundamental principle of AUUSOMA is that there is no single style of Martial Arts that includes all that a Martial Artist needs to be fulfilled. Just as all the flowers of this earth need a mixture of pollen from many species and different types of plants, the Martial Arts also needs a mixture of styles to grow, survive and be complete. Teaching martial arts in a way that lacks the intermixing attributes of other systems deprives students of what they are entitled to.  Also, fragmentizing systems to just teach only their best components without being the rightful head of that system would deny students their rightful destiny to assume a leadership role of their own chosen system, should they decide, as many have, to earn their Black Belt ranks with Grandmaster Sullivan. This would leave no legacy to pass on to future generations as his teachers have done, or attempted to do. Grandmaster Sullivan, formally founded the AUUSOMA system on April 6, 2000. It expertly integrates only the best of what other systems have to offer and fills in the gaps of what they are lacking making the AUUSOMA system a hybrid and more complete system. The World’s Best Black Belt Martial Arts System, “AUUSOMA”™, (America’s Ultimate Universal System of Martial Arts™) was Copyrighted in 4/6/2000.

All styles of Martial Arts are good. America became a great nation by the melting together of all peoples from the entire world. The world of Martial Arts is no different, and Grandmaster Sullivan choose to humbly make his contribution to the Martial Arts for the general well-being and good of all by taking the best of many great systems and integrating them as the system “AUUSOMA”.

Grandmaster Sullivan is most well known for his specialized ability at helping children to develop life skills and improve their character.  There are hundreds of documented cases demonstrating where students training in the AUUSOMA have achieved greatly enhanced scholastic success, have become class presidents, increased athletic performance in addition to civic and leadership success. Many parents find that their children have become much more responsible family members with outstanding behavior as well as over achiever attitudes under his instruction. Also, area pediatricians, child specialists, counselors and psychologists refer families for Grandmaster Sullivan to help them through his teachings and programs.

When asked, Grandmaster Sullivan would say that his background and current vision for the future is what most connects with the students. “I have taught Martial Arts for more thirty- five years and have been in business for thirty-two years,” states Sullivan. “During this time I have seen first hand many miraculous transformations in students who have followed my teachings and the AUUSOMA system. Grandmaster Sullivan hopes you and your family will be among thousands of people he has taught over the years. His passion and commitment in life and helping through his teachings can be the perfect place to start. You may find now is the perfect time in your life to start on the path of fitness and self-improvement.
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1051 Farmington Ave. Rt 4 Famington US

We Help Karate Kids Throughout Connecticut Towns Farmington, Avon, West Hartford, New Britain, Canton, Simsbury, Bristol, Burlington, New Hartford. 
Whether you are looking for Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, or Karate Classes for Kids, we specialize in bringing out the best in Kids! 
We are a Private School Where Life Mastery Skills are taught to and Mastered by children for success in life.  Karate School Features Mixed Martial Arts For Kids Curriculum that is very popular. To give your children the best possible Karate and Mixed Martial Arts Training in Farmington, Avon, West Hartford, Burlington, Unionville and the other surrounding cities with only accept a limited number of Karate Kids each month for enrollment. Some Classes are full, however we have an easy to use waiting list system. To discover if Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and Kickboxing is the right choice for your child we offer several "Try Outs" Style classes each week.
With over thirty years Teaching Experience helping Children become better prepared for Life with out Life Mastery Skills Curriculum!    

We Offer You Amazing Farmington Karate Classes for Kids with Mixed Martial Arts  which Not Only Teaches                         
 Kids Self Defense and a Healthy Respectful Philosophy for Parents, Siblings, Teachers, Coaches & the Law...                        
Our Classes will Give Them The Skills They Need For Awesome Success In Life...

About our school


The Kickboxing, Karate, Fitness School has been teaching people how to enhance Life Style Choices and practices since it opened 1986, serving over 50,000  students.. 

Life Skills Lessons

EVERYONE IN THE world need them!

Could your child Benefit from Life Skills to Stop Bullies and Life in Peace?

School Director Kevin Sullivan has given repeated presentations for over 56 Colleges, Universities, Public and Private Schools. Additionally teaching many Law Enforcement Officers, Sheriffs, Military and entire National Guard Brigades.

The School and Mr. Sullivan are endorsed and sanction by the " Father of American Karate" Edmund K. Parker Sr. and Olympic Gold Medalist Herb Perez, school was established in 1986.


These classes start by introducing the fearful child to the Fun Fitness  and continue through primary skills and Motor Skill development. 

CHILD  / AGES 6 – 13
This series begins with a class for children who have no experience in the Fitness and ends with one that focuses on Fun, proper form, increased endurance, coordination, Self-Defense to better Handle Bullies


Designed for teens with beginning and intermediate skills, this class helps  achieve self -Identity, Respect, Positive Attitude and Strong Inner Confidence to Say: "NO" to Unhealthy Peer Pressure.